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Tips from a local in Barcelona

Tips from a local in Barcelona

We have gathered some tips from a resident in Barcelona to help you escape the hustle and bustle of main tourist traps, improve your lifestyle and live like a local.

Mirjam Maarleveld

Mirjam Maarleveld, founder of BEL

Meet Mirjam Maarleveld, the founder of Barcelona Expat life. Find out all about why she decided to start BEL and her reasons for moving to Barcelona.


Marketing jobs in Barcelona

Marketing jobs in Barcelona: if you’re looking for a job in marketing, we can help you to find a job. Visit our website and apply today!

Barcelona Expat Life

Top Business Schools in Barcelona

Barcelona hosts more than 10 international business schools where you can study a Master’s degree. For more information on universities in Barcelona, click here!

Juan Carlos Portugal

Juan Carlos Portugal Del Pino

Cardiologist Juan Carlos talks about his relocation to Barcelona and the core values of his company, helping expats and non expats with the Spanish healthcare system.

Barcelona through the eyes of a Sri Lankan

Barcelona through the eyes of a Sri Lankan

Barcelona through the eyes of a Sri Lankan. As a Sri Lankan who moved to Barcelona in April 2023, this article is my journey in finding the sweet nothings of my world to blend into a new one, adding meaning and perspective to everything I have once loved and taken for granted.

The Independence Movement in Catalonia

The independence movement in Catalonia

The Independence movement in Catalonia; whenever you walk through the city of Barcelona, you don’t have to wander too far before you stumble across a Catalan flag or a cluster of yellow ribbons.

Human Towers in Barcelona

Human Towers in Barcelona

This article goes into depth about the Castellers of Barcelona. This Catalan tradition has been going on for centuries and continues to be one of the most popular events in the city.

10 steps to start your company in Spain

10 Steps to start your company in Spain

10 Steps to start your company in Spain; as opposed to some other EU countries, creating your own company in Spain is no easy task. Let us walk you through a list of 10 steps to give you a feeling for the process involved.


Obtaining a NIE in Barcelona

What is a NIE number and how can I get one? Our guide for expatriates can tell you what you need to know and how to obtain your NIE in Barcelona.


Nederlanders in Barcelona

Informatie over wonen en werken voor Nederlanders in Barcelona. Handige tips, vacatures en een overzicht van alle Nederlandstalige bedrijven gevestigd in Barcelona.

How to find a room in Barcelona

How to find a room in Barcelona

Finding housing in Barcelona can be very frustrating and can cause a lot of stress. In this blog we give you tips on how to find a room in Barcelona.

Healthcare in Barcelona

Healthcare in Barcelona

If you’re an expat in Spain, it can be challenging to get your head around a different health system. Read our article to find out more information.


Free museum days in Barcelona

Discover the art, culture and history of Barcelona at one of its many museums. Take advantage of the free museum days on offer. Read our blog to find out more.


Starting a family in Barcelona

If you’re planning on starting a family in Barcelona, read on to find out everything you need to know about pregnancy and childbirth in BCN.