LGBTI Pride in Barcelona

Every year in June, the LGBTI community celebrates across the globe. Pride in Catalonia is arguably one of the most eagerly anticipated events of the year.

Things to do: June in Barcelona

June in Barcelona is brimming with festivals, events, and opportunities to celebrate the start of summer. Check out this blog for fun ways to get to know Catalan culture through tapas, wine, art, views, and the beach this month!

German Week Recap

Do you want to read more about the experience of Germans in Barcelona? Or are you curious about the differences between a German and a Spanish CV? Barcelona Expat Life has organised the German Week. Read the week recap here.

Obtaining a NIE in Barcelona

What is a NIE number and how can I get one? Our guide for expatriates can tell you what you need to know and how to obtain your NIE in Barcelona.

General paperwork in Barcelona

There are various documents needed to live, work and study legally as an expat in Barcelona. Here you will find details of all essential paperwork.