Cycling and Sustainable Urban Mobility in Barcelona

Cycling and Sustainable Urban Mobility in Barcelona

Looking for ways to limit your carbon footprint? Barcelona is increasing the bike network by 40%, developing a strategic plan for secure bike parking in the city and studying the addition of more electric bikes Choose to transit cycle and reduce your carbon footprint!

Expat Stories

Expat stories

Read the stories of fellow expats, gain invaluable tips and insight into life in Barcelona on our website. Help others by sharing your story too!

Hacks for students in Barcelona

6 hacks for students in Barcelona

It’s easy to save money with these student discounts in Barcelona. Find cheap ways to travel to the airport, ride around the city, or experience Spanish culture at museums, restaurants, bars, gyms, and more.

The Independence Movement in Catalonia

The Independence Movement in Catalonia

Whenever you walk through the city of Barcelona, you don’t have to wander too far before you stumble across a Catalan flag or a cluster of yellow ribbons scattered across the streets. The question is, have you ever wondered about the Independence Movement in Catalonia and what these public statements symbolise?

Paperwork in Barcelona

General paperwork in Barcelona

There are various documents needed to live, work and study legally as an expat in Barcelona. Here you will find details of all essential paperwork.